Jo Jo And The Teeth – No More Good News

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Jo Jo & The Teeth

No More Good News - Self Released

A slab of Glam with a whole lot more Rock n Roll Blues, what more could you ever want coming from your player of choice?, Jo Jo & The Teeth actually have teeth!, this is music to take you either all the way back to when you were young (well myself anyway) or slap bang up to the here and now, New York Dolls meet Joan Jett is it? Or could it be Siouxsie Sioux meets Imelda May?, take your pick because nothing could prepare you fully for this ride into the wild side of musical wonderland.

This, Jo Jo & The Teeth debut album, has to be one of the slickest, meanest, mother fucking debut albums that has been let loose on the unsuspecting human race in many years.  Ten songs that splice the snarling, smouldering, moody side of Glam/Rock n Roll/Blues together like it was meant to be.  It kicks right off with banging beats of ‘My Babe’, a whiskey soaked bar brawl of a song, that has you reaching for your air guitar and slipping on your blues brothers hat, this is swiftly followed by the title track ‘No More Good News’ which feels like a St Vincent just walked in to the room, but then Jo Jo’s vocal could knock her to the floor like a crash test dummy!

Beyond all the blistering anthems, this album also delivers with so much more, it hits you like a stake to the heart at times, like in ‘Is This The Dream’, a powerful bleeding heart of a song, it drips of regret, but then fights like a wolf to the end, a vocal the drives straight at you like a bullet from a gun and a guitar that sings at you like it’s life depended on it.  Then ‘A Hungry Love’ has you by the hand as it leads you on a journey of life, a smouldering fire of a song that lays down some seriously devilish vocals, with its melodic beauty hiding a dark sinister core.

As a whole, this album has you right there, in the mosh pit, at the bar, dancing hard with every sinew stretched to the limit and dripping with the sweet sweat that comes after screaming lyrics at the top of your ‘Lungs’, an album that feels as live as if you were actually there.

If your looking for the next big thing, then maybe just maybe you’ve gone and found it, right here, music that has a soul and life all of its own, music that has you feeling like you have just entered the mind of a most beautiful human being, a human being that cares that you listen.

The devil may ask you for your soul, this album just asks you for your devilish mind.  An album with all the intimacy of a one on one moment in time, hard rock that flows and bubbles with heat, like volcano magma from start to finish.

 It may not be Punk Rock, but its as Punk as Fuck!

Out now and awaiting your ears HERE

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