Kid Kapichi – Here’s What You Could Have Won

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Kid Kapichi

Here's What You Could Of Had - Spinefarm Records

What exactly should Punk be?

This is exactly what, music that doesn’t try to imitate or fall in line, it should always move on and smash down walls, it should also, as this latest album by Kid Kapichi does, be of it’s time and say fuck you to those who think punk should be the just The Ramones or Sex Pistols, music and words that speak truths and call out the wrongs of establishment for starters.

Here’s What You Could Have Won is a flash of lightening in the dark times we live in at the moment, fascist abound with their nationalistic ideas of self worth, governments fight for those who have everything, and the needy get left to fend for themselves whilst billionaires get fatter and fatter, ‘New England’ strikes out to plant the seeds of change, by pointing out the lack of evolution from the days of Empire, “is it you can’t change, or is it you won’t change” is a line that says it all, a song that sits well with another of the new punks on the block like Benefits with their take on the same notion of ‘Empire’ being an archaic notion that has no real place in today’s society, and of course Bob Vylan who’s ‘We Live Here’ is the song that says it without need to explain itself.

This sophomore album will never leave you in any doubt that Kid Kapichi are here to stay and also here to give the angst of youth a voice, its been a while since punk has had something new and evolved to get behind, this if not a movement, is most certainly a socially relevant and made by the same disaffected youth music as was back in the seventies.  

Throughout this album, the music and style changes like the wind, from the same beat punk as the lead track and songs like ‘Rob The Supermarket’ a song that talks of the people who are driven to steal to live, ‘I.N.V.U.’ which touches on the notion of wealth envy that sits at the heart of modern day social standing “I envy you, is that what you want me to do?” Is a perfect example of media and social media life today, then there is ‘Cops & Robbers’ a take on the international pariah that is global climate change, robbing Peter to pay Paul, all these songs have a musical backdrop of excruciatingly heavy hooks, razor sharp riffs and sledgehammer beats.  Then we comes to songs of the likes of ‘Party At No 10’ which takes no explaining to the many of us who writhed with anger at the going’s on there, ‘Never Really Had You’ an Arctic Monkeys sounding banger of life lived, ‘Special’ a look at life from almost every corner of the forgotten country towns, cities and villages of this land, all lyric driven songs that have been given the acoustic touch or just slowed down and beautifully adorned poems.

When you live your life in the places that suffer, when you have the same worries as all the people around you, and you need an outlet to speak of the wrongs you see all around you, then punk like this, with an acute semblance of reality needs to be and should be heard, “the future is unwritten” someone once said, well these guys and many more like them in todays young music scene are out there writing and making the future of punk.  

An album that stands on the shoulders of no-one but walks with giants I’d say.

Out Now and smashing all the walls down! go listen and buy and find out about everything Kid Kapichi HERE