Last of The Famous – The Music or The Misery

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Last of The Famous

The Music or The Misery - FourFiveSix Entertainment

Do you ever feel that the music scene is slowly getting saturated by replica pop-punk bands playing the same thing over and over again. Never anything new or envigorating, just the same thing you’ve heard millions of times before? Now enters Last Of The Famous with their debut album The Music or The Misery on FourFiveSix Entertainment.

Now, normally after a begining like that you’d expect me to say that Last Of The Famous are the exception to that, but in all honesty, I can’t. They are the same pop-punk band you’ve heard hundred of times before and are probably sick of; but they are able to do that same gerneric pop-punk very well. The thirteen track album is full of your basic pop-punk hit makers. Three-chord pop-punk about girls and growing up with catchy boyish vocals. With each listen, there is almost always a new song that stands out in your mind that just seemed to have sat back in the last listen. It grows on you and is a overall nice listen. The vocals can be pulled into numerous comparisons, but the backup vocals are able to add a little something new to it at times.

Last of The Famous‘s The Music or The Misery is a good pop-punk album, one which any pop-punk fan will like. But its not overflowing with originality, which seems to be what counts these days, so it will probably go unoticed by many reviewers. It is a well-crafted pop-punk album, and if that is what you like, then get it. I know I like it.