Last Target – One Shot, One Kill

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Last Target

One Shot, One Kill - BYO Records

I’m not being sexist, but it’s rare that you find a good female fronted that band that actually gets your blood flowing and your fist pumping. Normally, their vocals tend to be too polished, too smooth and too produced to really evoke true emotion. And although there has been a few good bands like The Fight, Slunt and to a lesser extent Tsunami Bomb that succeed in getting the listener truly excited, none of them have done as good as the Japanese act Last Target. Because one listen of One Shot, One Kill and you’ll be making a circle pit in your living room – even if you’re by yourself.

One Shot, One Kill is thirteen tracks of straight forward, in your face punk rock all spat out by female vocalist Ryko (former singer for Thug Murder before they broke up). They are a street punk band from heart, with no frill or gimmicks – other than the fact that they have a few songs (like Ikuji and Struggle Days) that are sung in Japanese. But since its Japanese band, you can’t really count it as a gimmick. Just something cool that us North Americans won’t hear that often.

The addition of the fist pumping gang vocals on songs like Don’t Shine Your Boots with A Half-Baked WillYou’re My Disillusion and my favorite, My Life, My Way adds an extra layer to the otherwise simplistic sound. And although the layer isn’t that in depth, it really makes the songs more complete. It immediately grabs your attention and pulls into the song full force, basically forcing you to shout “You’re My Disillusion!” along with the band.

There’s not much to say about Last Target. They aren’t revolutionary. They aren’t even that memorable, a month from now I will have forgotten all about them. But then one day, I’ll come across their CD and it will all come flooding back. I’ll throw it in and I’ll be excited once again as the three chord guitars flow through my veins. Because at that moment I’ll enjoy it with every ounce in my body, and it’s that moment which makes this CD worth while.