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Liars Academy

Demons - Equal Vision Records

I got Liar Academy‘s newest CD, Demons, along with the new albums from Endicott and The Snake The Cross The Crown. I knew of TSTCTC, but not of the other two. I decided to give Liars Academy a try on the sole basis that I liked their name and their CD title, once again proving that a good title can make you stick out in a crowd. After a listen, I knew I had picked the right one of the three.

After a week or so, I put the copy back into my CD tower for a couple weeks. It never left my mind, but I didn’t have a chance to listen to it. When it was finally released last week, I decided to grab the disk and give it another spin. And once again, I was pleasantly surprised. It lost its original hook on me, but as I got further into the disc, I was captivated. Liars Academy are quite capable of creating some wonderful soft rock tunes, that keep you very entertained.

The Baltimore natives craft powerful rock and roll layered with poignant melodies, irresistible hooks and earnest lyrics. Ryan Shelkett’s vocals are unlike any I have heard before. They have a way of getting implanted into your frontal lobe, but without being too catchy that it sinks it completely. Its like it is simply there, you can’t get rid of it, or stop thinking about them, but it will never fully think in; so after a few weeks you will be able to forgot about them. They are soft and smooth, and flow freely. The lyrics are powerful and heartfelt, a great combination that gets you singing along instantly. Musically, they are able to create many diverse sounds. From slow acoustic, to high energy soft rock, to a slight country feel, but you never lose sense that they are a different band (other then the one screaming part in Demon, which doesn’t really fit the rest of the album)..

Overall, Demons is a great CD. It is one I will pull out of my collection often to play. It doesn’t stand a shoulders length above a lot of CDs, but it does stand out a bit more then your average album.