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Light Of Eternity

Light Of Eternity - Self Released

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Paul Williams (Chaos 8), Big Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke), and Fred Schreck (The Ancients) got together and made music. Well guess what, stop wondering and get ya lugs around the new EP from this very special new happening, Light Of Eternity. I suppose you could be thinking exactly what I was when this EP fell into my lap, these are artists of legend, why now, and why a new band? I guess a love of music and perfect timing, was the touch paper that was lit for these three to just get together and write songs that will now have their own life, this is their time and our good fortune.

What do Light Of Eternity bring to the world in this self titled EP?, a sense of performance, an explosion of musical art, a place to dream, a place of darkness that’s tinged with light, that’s what this cacophony of perfectly blended sounds and words bring. ‘Edge Of Fate’ is the opener, this is a track that immediately and without remorse hits the senses like a sledgehammer, its boldness and relentless drive is cut through by the vocal intersections that only add to the drama that unfolds within the bowels of this hefty beast. Along with all the dark conjurings that eminate from every corner of this EP, there is a definite light that’s not as hidden as you might think at first. ‘Lament’ has a brightness of sound, it’s synth led sound pushes open a door that lets in the darkness, but only in slivers, its vocal is on another level too, its no wonder Fred Schreck was Joey Ramones favourite singer of all time, this is how theatrical drama set to music sounds, a lament on choices made, the passion is palpable.

What stands this set of four songs head and shoulders above so much around at the moment, is it’s strength of depth that explodes from track to track, it never stands still, songs that have a life all of their own, they work together, but power on alone too. ‘Explode’ does exactly what it sets out to do, it’s a fusion of heavy riffs and relentless beats that offer up a pressure cooker of moments which culminate in an explosion of feeling and release, this is a prelude to the last song, ‘Tipping Point’, this feels like it carries on from where the last track left off, its a balancing act of power versus your own sanity. If you’re in need of convincing that the world needs a band like Light Of Eternity, well this is without doubt 100% proof of this fact. Music that’s tapped into the pulse of the universe and amplified it for us all to hear. And this is just the start, with another EP due to drop six months after this one.

The Light of Eternity EP is due out on June 1st and the band can be found on FACEBOOK & BANDCAMP

All Artwork has been created by Conrad Milne