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Light Years

Lite Years - Rude Records

Ohio quartet Light Years have released a new four track EP via Rude Records, this is their first new material since I’ll See You When I See You, the band’s sophomore album that was released on Rude Records at the tail end of last year. That was an album that marked a significant musical progression from their 2013 debut release, so what does the Lite Years EP have to offer? Disappointingly it is comprised of acoustic interpretations of three of their favourite songs from their last record, along with a previously unreleased cover version.

The opening track The Summer She Broke My Heart keeps the upbeat qualities of the original, but is a fairly straightforward acoustic version of the song. The track Accidents has been significantly reworked, this is a positive move as a whole EP of straight acoustic versions of songs that were released less than a year ago would be something of a pointless exercise, if you’re going to rework some of your most popular material then I always feel it should bring something new to the party. The Lite Years EP closes out in a more sombre tone, Let You Down is completely stripped down and has a more melancholy tone than the previous version and this four track release closes with a version of Bruce Springsteen‘s Atlantic City, which is recorded with a fuller sound than the original version by The Boss. 

This is very much one of the fans of Light Years, rather than viewing this a new release I would see this a companion to the I’ll See You When I See You album, there is nothing wrong with this EP but as it lacks any new original material it’s hard to get overly excited about this release. Having said that this EP brings a different perspective to their material and fans of Light Years will enjoy this EP of reinterpretations immensely.

Lite Years is available for download from the usual sources, including Amazon and iTunes