Live Review: Svetlanas / Yur Mum / Jaded Eyes / Weekend Recovery – Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK, 18th April 2018

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Svetlanas / Yur Mum / Jaded Eyes / Weekend Recovery

Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK - 18th April 2018

After a thankfully uneventful journey over the Pennines I find Wharf Chambers is hammered ahead of tonight’s show, the crowd have arrived early to enjoy the early evening sunshine, and a cold beer or two, after what has been a very long winter. Tonight’s line up features four bands, Weekend Recovery, Jaded Eyes, Yur Mum and of course the welcome and overdue return of the Svetlanas to the north of England for the first time since their triumphant set at last years Rebellion Festival. Prior to the gig I meet most of Svetlanas, Yur Mum and Weekend Recovery who true to the DIY ethic of every band on tonight’s bill break down the barriers between the artists and the crowd.
First up are Weekend Recovery, whose appearance gives me a chance to catch a band who have been developing a reputation following their signing to Headsticks Records. They draw the crowd in from the temptations of the beer garden with their driven garage punk that mixes the best elements of grunge of punk rock to impressive effect. Their disarming charm between tracks belies Weekend Recovery‘s muscle, their sound sits somewhere between The Runaways, The Distillers and L7, their vocalist has a voice that sits on the right side of raw and carries a distinct element of menace, and it’s saying something that the opening act for tonight’s show has already made my trip across the Pennine mountains worthwhile.
Jaded Eyes were the only band on tonight’s bill that were an unknown quantity to me prior to tonight’s show, from the off they delivered a blistering set of street punk influenced hardcore punk that brought a brutal element into tonight’s line up. The local quintet hammered out a set that is everything you would hope for from hardcore, the raw vocals and pummelling drum beats were only matched in their brutality with the vicious three guitar attack. Jaded Eyes are an utterly uncompromising outfit, every track is delivered with a visceral vocal delivery and a blue collar street punk attitude that more than makes up in decibels what it lacks in subtlety.
Yur Mum are tonight’s penultimate act, they are riding high on the back of the release of their impressive debut album, Road Rage. Their opening track, Crazy, delivers the same level of intensity as any hardcore band, but it’s all delivered with a slower sinister grind that builds to the tracks frantic ending. Yur Mum are a band that stand alone in terms of their sound, heavy rock and proto punk meets grunge, punk rock and anything else that gets in their way in a head on collision of styles that almost defies description. Yur Mum are already introducing new material into their set in the shape of Rotten, a track that hints at a darker heavier direction with a bass line that was felt in your internal organs rather than heard. 
Yur Mum are one of the few bands that you can’t compare to anyone else, you can hear snatches of influences that are drawn from across pretty much every anti social genre, their lone guitarist has an enormous rock sound that is matched by the offbeat timing and skittering rhythms and drum beats, with everything topped off by the subsonic bass and primal howl of their vocalist Anelise Kunz. Their name misdirects many I’ve spoken to about how they are expected to sound, but on the plus side it lends itself to bad puns for writers, and I can honestly that their is nothing quite like the experience of watching Yur Mum live, and they close their all too brief set with a pulverising Summer Of Hate.
What can I say about Svetlanas that hasn’t already been said, last years full length, This Is Moscow Not LA, was my favourite album of last year and they stole the show at last years Rebellion Festival, but tonight they return to their natural home. Wharf Chambers is the kind of densely packed sweaty intimate venue that just lends itself to punk shows perfectly, and any city worth it’s salt has at least one of these venues that is the spiritual home of DIY scene. From the off Olga Svetlana is like a woman possessed, she’s off the stage and confronting the crowd and prowling the dancefloor liked a caged animal and it’s clear that Svetlanas haven’t mellowed in the slightest.
The Svetlanas sound is rooted in hardcore but there’s so much to them than that, Negative Approach is delivered at a stunning pace and Olga is in the face of every member of the crowd right to the back of the venue. Their set is a constant brutal assault,  Diste Svetlanas machine gun drumming underpins everything that is complimented by the twin h bombs of guitar and bass that along with the human timebomb that is Olga Svetlanas means that this is a band that carry the aggression and menace that hallmarks the best early US hardcore, but they aren’t a throwback, Svetlanas are a genuine force of nature and there really is no one quite like them on the punk scene at the moment.
The energy put out by Svetlanas is immense, their shows are like a constant barely controlled explosion, whether they are worlds most dangerous band is up for debate but for me their is no one else putting on better live shows in the punk scene at the moment. As a footnote I ended up on the guest list twice for tonight’s show, and to be honest if I could have gone twice I would have done, from the opening garage punk of Weekend Recovery, through to the raw hardcore of Jaded Eyes and a pulverising set by Yur Mum, and of course a mesmerising intense set by the Svetlanas, tonight has been a memorable and unmissable four band showcase.
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