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Just Breathe - Ferret Music

I hate to trash a Ferret Records band, being that it’s easily one of my favorite labels, but this was one shitty album, so I feel obligated to. The band is what I like to call “sub-par,” one could even say they’re shitty. There are a few reasons for this, the most apparent being the horrid vocals. Although they have a potential to be good, they get annoying very fast and have me hoping for the end of the song. They remind me of this shitty “emo” trend that’s taking MTV by storm. This band clearly isn’t emo though, along with their counterparts, which sound similar and/or the same as they do. They’re pop punk, nothing more and nothing less. Actually, since it hurts me to call this band punk, I’m going to say that they’re all pop. It’s bands like this that get the kids at some shows to shout out,” Kill the Emo’s!” But I digress; I must get back to explaining the band. For a moment I’ll just pretend that a large bus hit the singer or a gang of angst filled teenage girls wanting autographs trampled him. If this band were to simply be instrumental but carry on their current style, they’d probably be pretty good. The guitarist sounds really good, he’s got pretty good riffs and there’s technicality to his music. There’s a few solos thrown in, and it made me happy. The drummer is really good too, he’s got a double kick and he’s very consistent. The bass player kind of got shafted though; he doesn’t really have anything much more than an ambient hum in the background. But that’s the band for you, and though they sound good, they cannot redeem shitty vocals. Namely because said shitty vocals are much louder then the rest of the band. So after listening to several songs of music, which I thought, could not get any worse I came upon the song “Theatre of Robots.” They swapped their normal singer for some girl, and began making music, which gave me the strange urge to overdose on Tylenol. I’m almost positive that they won’t grow on me either, since I first chanced on them about a year ago. At first I didn’t mind them, but they did the opposite of grow on me and I was forced to delete all of there music from my computer.

Since this was a Ferret release, I was extremely disappointed, but I was even more disappointed to realize that this band probably has a lot of fans. So I’d recommend buying this album if you’re into the whole generic screamo/faux emo bullshit. Or you could buy a CD from any other band on Ferret, since they’re all better (except Boys Night Out, they’re on par with this band). I’d recommend buying Misery Signals or Scarlet, unlike Lovehatehero, they sound good.