Lyon Estates – Come Mille Altre Volte

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Lyon Estates

Come Mille Altre Volte - Goodwill Records

There is often a certain kitsch involved with outsider interpretations of a familiar style. It’s kitsch recognized in the peculiarly American insistence that death metal is intrinsically improved by rendering it in a Scandinavian language. It’s the conceit that when a style born in one place moves to another, that new version is at best a quaint imitation, the equal opposite of Disneyland verité. Bologna, Italy’s Lyon Estatesaffords no such notions: It is a hardcore punk band with the energy and fury of any of the best young hardcore groups operating in the mid-Atlantic or Ontario today, indistinguishable from its peers but for the language in which it screams.

Northern Italy’s punk scene is about as old as America’s, of course, but Raw Power this group is not. Despite the Back to the Future reference of its name Lyon Estates has little in common with other  Emilia-Romagna groups of the style. Akin to this year’s Facing Forward or early Verse releases, each track is a lissome drumbeat wrapped around the heaving cries of the mononymous vocalists. Launching from a slightly overlong intro, “Nel Mare Che Affonda” sets the tempo and pace from which the rest of the album rarely strays.

And no, there will be no translations. I daresay that misses the point.

The flip side of a successful album of this genre is a certain lack of stylistic ambition, and to an extent this five-track sophomore effort is twenty minutes without a surprise. While each track, particularly the rich and melodic “Cosa Rimane” and “Nel Suo Tempo,” receives a full treatment, the scale and scope of the album feels limited. The interesting choices made at the very outset of the album give way to what is a generally average hardcore album. While lacking the playfulness of first album Tutto o niente, the tradeoff in the direction of grit mostly pays off, but sacrifices some of the spirit that could potentially set this group apart.

Having made their way all over southern Europe with Attrito earlier this year, and with dates in the UK coming up soon, it’s about time this group secured a United States release. Whether they’ve fully nailed down their persona as silly or sinister I can’t say. That they’re one of the next important hardcore bands on that scene, I can. They haven’t yet released enough work to give them a full treatment as a band, butLyon Estates has proven they have the chops to show up at any basement and tear it to pieces.