Meet Your Death – Self Titled

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Meet Your Death

Meet Your Death - 12XU Records

Meet Your Death are a group that have introduced their own brand of bluesy garage rock with their self titled debut album, this is a band who have a hefty pedigree that brings an authenticity to every last second of Meet Your Death. Walter Daniels, who has played heartfelt blues harmonica with numerous artists, reprises the role of frontman that he last took on in Texan legends Jack O’ Fire. He has teamed up with John Schooly who has previously played in The Revelators, accompanying the two battle scarred veterans are two new recruits who are half the age of their seasoned frontman. The two younger members have already established themselves on their own terms, the appropriately named drummer, Matt Hammer, has been a member of The Strange Boys and OBN IIIs, whilst bassist Harper Assi has previously provided the bass rumble for bands such as Wiccans, Bad Faith and Video.

From the voodoo rhythms of the opening track, Obeah Man, that kicks off this eight track release with a primal drum beat. This sets the tone for Meet Your Death‘s debut album firmly with a primal bluesy garage, it features raw rasping vocals with a distinctive bluesy growl that combines with fuzzy primitive rhythms, squalls of fierce demonic harmonica punctuate the growling vocals and distorted riffs. Meet Your Death is a relentless dirty interpretation of the blues that is informed by the energy and listless snarl of the best garage bands. You can hear the echoes of the likes of fellow Texans The Thirteenth Floor Elevators in the DNA of this album alongside the dominant blues influence.

Meet Your Death forms part of the worldwide resurgence in bands performing a garage and fuzz infused version of the blues which has become known as punk blues, or in some cases bastard blues. This the soundtrack to shots of bourbon and suspicious cigarettes, it contains an authentic blues feels which seamlessly incorporates garage rock influences to make a contemporary and original interpretation of the blues.

Meet Your Death will be released on August 12th and it can be ordered from 12XU Records here