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Meryl Streek

796 - Venn Records

Crass just Fast forwarded to 2022! And has been reincarnated into the anarcho-punk wonderment that is Meryl Streek.  If you like your punk to be straight up and uncompromisingly out on the edge, then this new album of Electro, Hip-Hop, Metal, Spoken Word, Punk Rock, is 100% for you.  

Never let the system win and always stretch the boundaries of what punk is or should be, and after you’ve done all this, then make some music that encompasses all this, that’s what Meryl Streek has just gone and done, and with no fuck given as to who he needs to call out.

Coming or originating from Ireland is something that stands out front and centre within this album, songs that stamp and punch the fuck out of the a system that let the people of the country down badly, a church that was left to fester its corruption and self importance to the point of committing genocide against the very people it asked to serve its false god.  This all is so clear to hear by all in the songs ‘The Start’, ‘Full Of Grace’ and ‘Demon’, the anger and disgust that drips from ever corner of these songs is so palpable it strikes you through the heart like a dagger.  

The nearest you could get in comparison to what we have here in this seminal album (yes I’d go that far) is, remember when Stations Of The Crass hit the world, or when you first heard the Sex Pistols, and then you got to 2022 and Bob Vylan or Benefits opened up a salvo of angst at you, then you’ve just left a Paranoid Visions gig, all of these moments are wrapped up right here somewhere within the 12 pieces of pure adrenalin in ‘796’, you cannot fail to be totally floored by something as brutally honest as ‘Death To The Landlord’ or feeling the hurt that comes from a song like ‘No Justice’, neither can be given any more words by myself, they need to be heard to fully appreciate how much they affect you. 

Beyond the words, (and the words are a huge part of the whole of this album), the insanely special musical drive that accompanies, embellishes and fully draws you in to every angst filled word or head on collisions with life that live within the walls of this album, are simply exhilarating.

If you never listen to another album in your lifetime, make this your the one you listen to now!  

Pure rage, deafening reality and a love for humanity all wrapped up in a soundtrack of our time.  I exited the other side of this album feeling emotionally drained, but also emphatically driven!!!

Out now via Venn Records

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