Nada Surf – You Know Who You Are

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Nada Surf

You Know Who You Are - Elektra Records

Nada Surf are a long standing alt rock band who have been with us since 1992, their current line up contains two original members, Matthew Caws, guitar and vocals, and Daniel Lorca, bass. These two stalwarts play alongside The Fuzztones former sticksman, Ira Elliot, who has been with the band for over two decades, and recent recruit, Doug Gillard, who is best known for his role as the guitarist for Guided By Voices.

Nada Surf play an effortless mellow alt rock that recalls bands like The Byrds, there is a hefty sixties influence on this quartets latest offering, something that shouldn’t be a surprise given their back catalogue, and the fact that the band features a former Fuzztone. You Know Who You Are is their eighth studio album, it contains their trademark melancholy tinged upbeat alt rock and you get the impression they are almost operating on auto pilot. It only really ventures out of it’s metaphorical warm spot in front of the fire on the title track, which almost startles you with a sudden burst of upbeat energy before the album settles back down into familiar territory.

As with their fellow graduates from the class of ’92, Grandaddy, this is the sound of a band that are firmly in their comfort zone, but it sounds like a very pleasant place to be and you can’t really blame them for wanting to stay there. Nada Surf can probably write albums like this in their sleep, but for all it’s predictably it must be said that this is a beautifully produced album. it is reminiscent of their past glories and is something that will be adored by the considerable fan base, after 24 years to still be consistently writing albums of this quality is quite an achievement.

 You Know Who You Are can be ordered here