Noah And The Loners – A Desolate Warning

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Noah And The Loners

A Desolate Warning - Marshall Records

Punk is such a broad church, it’s a place for everyone who feels lost, angry, disaffected, lonely, people full of amazing compassion but most of all a group that welcomes all ages and cultures into the fold. Here we have a band who have been touched so obviously by this mantra and are now here making their own music that rails against everything that needs to be railed against, but also speaking for a youth that has all the same problems that have dogged us all at some point.  

Noah And The Loners released the A Desolate Warning EP on February 28th via Marshall Records, a set of shots across the bow that ring out loud and clear. ‘Crash Landing’ has all the angst of any Clash or Sex Pistols number, but its of now, it’s todays youth waking up every day to a shit life doled out by non caring governments, a life of social pressure that grows by the day, it uses music thats short sharp and full of considered anger too. Five songs that are never going to be forgotten in a hurry, ‘Just Kids’ has a bass line that drives along like its heading off a cliff, the guitar and drums speed off into a tornado of energy and the vocal just takes you all the way back to being exactly that “just kids” wanting a life without shit!.

‘You Make Me (Fall Apart)’ has a sense of vulnerability thats spiked with angst and darkness. ‘Losing My Head’ is the powerhouse of the EP, its mental health and suicidal tendencies narrative is full on and doesn’t hold back at giving the listener a sense of the need to fight this demon, musically it has more than a hint of “fuck this life”. Then we get to ‘Hell Of A Day’, how many of us have had days like this, be it 40 years ago of yesterday, they’re all the same when you’re growing up in a country thats falling apart, full of stress and social pressures.

Punk Rock never disappoints, be it old, young, hardcore, pop, emo, but mostly its because its a way of letting the world know just how pissed off, lonely or fed up you are, this EP covers all of the above and more, its a snapshot of the world according that our youth have to navigate, with a soundtrack that smashes down walls, the Warning is real!

Out now via Marshall Records

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