Over Stars and Gutters – Consider This Your Curse

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Over Stars and Gutters

Consider This Your Curse - Self Released

Unless you’re from Oklahoma, chances are you may not have heard of Over Stars and Gutters. They’re not out there mass promoting themselves, making millions of friends on myspace and tweeting every little feat they do. Instead of all that self-agrandizing self-promotion that has become so important in today’s scene, the four piece punk band have been doing it the good old fashion way: making great music that will, in time, get them the praise and popularity they deserve.

Because really, that’s what they’re doing. They’re making great music and if Consider This Your Curse is any indication of what’s to come, consider me eagerly awaiting to see what happens.

Gruff, emotional punk rock akin to Hot Water Music with a tinge of Lifetime and the occasional Dillinger Four edge (although, very, very sparsely), Over Stars and Gutters have delivered an album that pulses with passion and energy. Melodic punk and hardcore built with dual guitars, layered with competent bass lines and upbeat, sonorous drums; it may not be the most unique or original style around but Over Stars and Gutters do it in such a way that it works and makes them stand out in the crowd.

Then, of course, there are the vocals. Matt McHughes’ vocals are raw and gruff but more melodic than, say, Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) or Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads). They are strong and passionate, reaching out to the depths of his gut and putting everything out there. It sounds real, it sounds honest and it sounds sincere. It’s like they say in Anthem on Sheridan, “Those words don’t mean a thing without the heart behind them / So live an anthem, live a flame ablaze.” It’s clear that what they say are backed by some serious heart which makes the record so much more than just a simple CD that falls into the background once you press play.

So while Norman, Oklahoma is not a town known for producing popular punk acts – in fact, before reading Over Stars and Gutters‘ bio sheet, I had never even heard of the town before – after listening toConsider This Your Curse I can’t help but think that maybe I should check out what else is brewing out there. I mean, if there’s anything else out there that comes remotely close to this, then it would most definitely be worth the effort.