Pave The Jungle – Waiting For Nothing EP

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Pave The Jungle

Waiting For Nothing - Self Released

Coming in as the follow up to The Hissing which we reviewed here on the Punk Site back in October 2020, 2 years have gone by since then, a pandemic ravaged the world and now we get to hear what has come of the duo that savaged our ears back then with what was a dramatic and uncompromising EP.

Waiting For Nothing was given a huge footprint to step into, and yet this latest offering on first listen seems to have stepped into or at very least matched it in stature. Needless to say Pave The Jungle are back and are still worthy of being allowed to crash into my ears with the force of a hurricane, yet also with a gentleness that belies the seriousness of the content.

This four track EP which to followers of Pave The Jungle, is full of twists and turns, many a cryptic lyric has been embedded within the rock intricacy of sound, drama is never ending when it comes to the vocal delivery, ‘Moirai’ sits firmly in this camp for myself, a song that by its title has you wondering is this destiny or fate that brought you here to this place?, a rock smothered pondering on life’s age old thoughts, are we in control, or are we simply heading in this direction as a destiny.  Getting in deep with this band is something that happens without any effort at all, this is not an EP for the faint of heart, or neither is it for the fleet of mind, musically challenging, take ‘Oddball’, it feels from the off that your heading for all the screaming guitars and thunderous drums that would naturally come with a rock/alt band, yet your so enthralled by the way that the soundscape wraps itself around the narrative that this becomes meaningless. 

The latest single from this EP is ‘Lucky Ones’, again and again Rachael’s vocal can surprise you, in this story of the social realities that come with living in a small community environment, the narrative is so strong within her voice, that it takes over every corner of the musical envelope it’s held within and then pushes out of the edges.  Last up on this journey is the most invigorating of all of the pieces ‘Picture Of Health’ somehow this very personal song feels like its a sharing of troubled thoughts, mostly this is down to the delivery of the song as it is with all of Pave The Jungle music.

This all said, if you want to hear this band at their very best The Hissing still sits up at the top for myself, this EP is a chapter worth reading still though.

Music that challenges, not punk, yet very PUNK!

Disclaimer:  If any or all of this review makes no sense what so ever, go back to the beginning and read again, just like this EP.

Check out the PAVE THE JUNGLE website, released 26th November.

For loads more info and how to get ya hands on this EP go to their FACEBOOK