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Making Monsters - Self Released

As well as being the front man for the LoGOz and one half of the musical poetry duo Cherry & Peesh, Peesh is a man on a musical mission to give us all something that will enhance our lives and his, so doing a solo EP called Making Monsters is just another day in this journey I guess.  Challenging what we see and hear is something his music does, he is a song writer who likes to take what he sees in the world and comment on or create a story about it, this EP is exactly following this way of thinking.

Serial killers are the subject of this four track delve into that dark world, a place where monsters are made and victims need to be given the respect they deserve, and to this end Peesh has written some pretty fascinating moments in time that give you a feel for the darkness that you cannot fall to feel when talking about these sick individuals, yet with still giving that sympathy for the people embroiled in their world.

‘Aileen’ is first up, it takes Aileen Wournos’s need to kill and adds a very small hint of empathy for her situation, a prostitute who killed her clients, blaming them for raping her, this is perfectly covered by a manic almost musical splash of  guitar brilliance.

‘APT 213’ (Jeffery Dahmer) is next up, this story is so much darker than the last offering, and the backdrop of almost depressed guitar sounds gives this the exact feeling it deserves, a deeper sadistic feeling oozes out of every chord.

‘B.T.K.’ (Dennis Radar) comes in third, and no less twisted than the previous songs killer, even the chorus in which the letters “BTK” are just repeated, are delivered in a way that has you in no doubt that this man was pure evil, a short and to the point song that leaves you cold.

Finally and maybe the most chilling of all the songs, in musical terms and in story terms, ‘Black Valley’ (Richard Ramirez) the Night Stalker, is given the full scale of Peesh’s dark mind, a blend of the grim guitar and off kilter beats are just perfectly placed.

A place to go when you need reminding how actually dark and gruesome the world we live in actually can be, an EP to challenge your mind and sanity for sure.

A fully DIY self release on September 1st

Get hold of the man himself and this EP via the various platforms HERE