Permanent Me – After The Room Clears

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Permanent Me

After The Room Clears - Stolen Transmission Records

Permanent Me generate some buzz with their debut EP, Dear Virginia on I Surrender Records last year. With that slight boost in popularity, the band caught the eye of upstart Island offprint, Stolen Transmission Records. Now, with the slightly bigger label backing them, Permanent Me are ready to get out on the road and play their music to the masses (and what better way than a tour with Fall Out Boy?). The question that remains though, will After The Room Clears be able to win over the fans at the tour? Does it live up to the hype? And most importantly, will After The Room Clears become a pop-punk must-have? The answers to those are more complex than it seems.

They’ll definitely be able to win over the fans on the tour, after all, Permanent Me have taken the scripted pop-punk formula and reproduced it perfectly. The songs are all catchy, energetic and upbeat; you soon find yourself humming the melody and singing the lyrics back at them. They have opted out of the now staple slowed down acoustic track that seems to be so prevalent in most pop-punk releases and instead decided to keep the momentum flowing the entire album (which, is quite a nice change).They sound familiar to newer New Found Glory material, some songs (4 A.M. and Blackjaw particularly) sound like Kenny Vasoli helped write them during The Starting Line‘s Say It Like You Mean It sessions. Other tracks sound like slicked MXPX b-sides or Plain White T’s – all of which are bands that are staple pop-punk icons.

But all these similarities to the pop-punk icons doesn’t necessarily make After The Room Clears a must-have album; because while it is good and songs like Heartattack, NYC and 20 Years are worthy of the repeat button, it’s still the same pop-punk formula we’ve heard all too many times before. They do switch it up at times with darker songs like Christine or insanely catchy songs like the lead single Allison, but there’s still not enough originality in it to make it a must-have or even that memorable.

The album definitely fails to live up to all the hype it had gotten, but that’s still not saying it’s a total failure. For pop-punk fans, After The Room Clears will be a nice break from the emo scene and bring you memories of the good old days. Permanent Me are fun, but they will soon fade into the sea of copycats, because ultimately they are forgettable. Fun for a while, but there will always be a new flavor of the month to take it’s place.