Play Dead – Mug Cake EP

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Play Dead

Play Dead

Mug Cake - Blitzcat Records

Play Dead’s previous release, the glorious Skint EP, was released back in March ’21, but now the South Londoners are back. It’s been a long time, especially for a young punk band, but we finally get to wrap our ears round their brand new EP, Mug Cake, that will be released tomorrow, Friday 14th October, via Blitzcat Records. Their latest release builds on the foundations that Skint laid, but crucially retains all the wit, teenage woe, attitude and restless energy that was the trademark of their impressive debut

The opening track is Away From Here, a darker start than I anticipated, crashing staccato post punk from the streets, attitude and rage abound in a discordant and pressing opening, yes, it’s about getting away from somewhere. From here we head to the Barbershop, yes it is about having a haircut, the horror of having a bad haircut, this is more familiar territory and a track that fans of The Chats, and possibly their mullets, will lap up. At the half way mark is Company Car, yes this is another does what it says in the title song, it’s a sneering snarling driven rant at corporate culture and those who embrace it.

The penultimate track is Boil It Down, a furious old school punk thrash against those with an undeserved sense of superiority, this is followed by the EP’s lead single, and if you were going to sell this EP to anyone then this is the first song you’d play. Offy, yes it’s about going to the offy (liquor store for those in North America), is a perfect punk romp about the horrors of boredom and sobriety, coupled with the horror of actually having to go and get more booze, something many of us have experienced at some point.

Play Dead

Play Dead’s second EP is their finest to date, okay, I know it’s only one of two, but the first EP was one of the best debuts I heard last year, and this builds and expands on it. Mug Cake has darker elements, but retains that youthful fuck it and fuck you attitude, as well a quite literal attitude towards song titles. After hearing this I am kicking myself that I didn’t managed to get to their recent debut appearance in my home city, hopefully they will be back, hopefully it wont be another 18 months before we get their next release.