Protest The Hero, I Hate Sally – Live (December 9th, 2006)

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Protest The Hero, I Hate Sally

Live (December 9th, 2006) - The Phoenix - Toronto, Ontario

It’s always a fun for me walking into a concert, and not knowing quite what to expect from the bands playing. This was the case for Toronto record label Underground Operation’s double assault “Bring Out Your Shred” show featuring I Hate Sally and Protest The Hero, at the Phoenix Concert Hall Saturday night.

As I say my experience with both bands was very limited. I heard nothing from I Hate Sally, and have had some brief experience with PTH, passing by stages at the Warped tour, and listening to Kezia briefly over the past couple of weeks.

An energetic I Hate Sally took the stage at 7pm, and showed Toronto that not just prisoners and university grad’s come out of Kingston! The band’s lead singer Dee did not let up. Leading the charge, while delivering ferocious ear shattering vocals, combined with the band’s rhythmic and driving metal core solos, and a little less powerful than Converge like break downs.

I Hate Sally were solid, and kept their energy similar to a three Red Bull buzz. My only complaint with the performance was singer Dee’s lack of vocal range, but just as I was thinking that, BOOM!!! Some kick ass pyro techniques from the guitar player, and an approximately seven minute instrumental break down of their final song.

All in all, a great show was put on by this intense band, and they are defiantly worth checking out if you see their name on a flyer downtown.

Next up was the band most of the predominantly young crowd was there to see, Whitby’s own Protest The Hero. There was an atmosphere of sweat, smoke, and spirit that filled the air, and you could just tell it was going to be a great show.

The stage was lit fantastically, and the band’s banners looked sharp. You could tell from their stage set up that they take rocking out very seriously.

After a healthy dose of synthetic smoke, some green light focused on the stage, and out walked the boy’s from PTH. After taking their positions, they bolstered out No Stars Over Bethlehem, followed byHeretics & Killers, and then they let the crowd know that they were playing “Kezia” in it’s entirety for them.

The crowd went nuts. There is a huge trend right now with bands playing entire albums live. I am not a huge fan of it, but when an albums kicks ass as much as Kezia, well I think I can accept it.

PTH pillaged Kezia into the night, and dolled out an incredible show! There are a lot of take it or leave it kind of bands for me in PTH’s genre right now, because this style of music can’t be faked. PTH is good because they are the real deal, and all you have to do is check them out live to see for yourself.