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Radio Moscow

Live! In California - Alive Natutalsound Records

Before playing Live! In California I’d advise you to acclimatise yourself for a spot of time travel, this record takes you back through time to the era when psychedelia had started to develop a harder age, but before those bands became the bloated rock dinosaurs that punk arose as a reaction against. Radio Moscow are a trio from Iowa that formed back in 2003, they have previously issued four full length studio albums prior to Live! In California ‘s release. This album cherry picks songs from their back catalogue, but they don’t just reproduce them, this is clearly a band who thrive in a live environment and the arrangements are subtly different from the studio versions.

Radio Moscow band

Live albums can be disappointing affairs, few capture the atmosphere or sound of a concert accurately, Live! In California is not one of those albums, this release proudly boasts having no overdubs and it is a perfect snapshot of a band live. Radio Moscow sound amazing live, the album is full on wall of histrionic guitars, rumbling bass and precise drums, it’s even more impressive when you consider there are only three of them. The band are perfectly synchronised and you get the impression that a fair bit of improvisation takes place, it’s a credit to their musicianship and live chemistry that you can’t tell when this occurs. The production on the album is absolutely crystal clear and the mix is perfect. Whether you’ll enjoy this will depend whether you’re a fan of late 60s and early 70s proto rock and psychedelia, and if you are then you will love this album.

Radio Moscow transport you back through a time warp to somewhere around 1970, this is rock influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Blue Cheer. This is a band that sounds like it’s members are making the music they love, yes it’s retro, very retro, everything from the bands appearance through to the sleeve art timestamps this album firmly in the late 60’s or early 70’s. if you play this album to someone I guarantee you that they will think it’s from way back when. Radio Moscow do what they do so well that I find myself not caring that there is nothing contemporary about this band whatsoever, they are unashamedly living in the past and they sound like they like it there.

Radio Moscow are about to embark on a European tour throughout July and August, tour dates can be found here

Live! in California is released on the 8th July 2016 and can be ordered here