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Dogs Without Fear Of Dying - Civil Defense League

Here’s my new favorite joke:
You know what my favorite Reflections song is?
The shortest one.

I wish I could just leave that for a review, but since yon editors generally prefer a slightly higher work count, it looks like I’ve got to actually talk about why this record sucks so bad.

Here’s a few: Dogs Without Fear Of Dying sounds like something that fell out of Donovan’s sock drawer. Or maybe what Herman’s Hermits would sound like if they got back together to do a kids album for the Cartoon Network. I mean, this stuff is bad. Quasi-psychedlically, liltingly, self-absorbingly bad. Apart from the music, the band might be trying for “whimsical” in the lyrics department but they mostly just come across as nonsense about magic potions and gold – shit, they have a song called “The Hooghly Through The Howrah”, which, barring some obscure reference to Alice In Wonderland or something equally “trippy”, sounds like nothing more than something the lyricist penned while high on mushrooms and red wine. The high-pitched la la la las in “Magical Medicine” and “The Doctor’s Work” alone were enough to want to put my own fist through my ear and into my brainpan, and that’s not even considering the overload of synthesizer, acoustic guitars and the generally gross 60s vibe permeating this entire thing. They even manage to massacre a Warren Zevon song to the point where it’s unrecognizable and somehow, despite the din they’re making, almost totally void of melody.

Let’s not get into that old debate of what is and isn’t punk. Let’s save it for a record that has at least the tiniest chance of being held up as evidence, as a credible argument for bands that stretch the sonic restraints or confines of the genre while still maintaining the necessary ferocity, attitude or… thereness to still somehow be considered punk rock. Because there are other bands in which that argument could hold water, but this one ain’t it, not by a long shot. Simply put, Reflections is not even remotely a punk band and this is not a punk record. To the contrary, it’s pretty much textbook, “look it up in the dictionary and there’s a picture of these people” hippie music. It’s awful, and I’ve really got no idea why it was sent to a site that so obviously (look at the fucking web address, you guys! Jaysus Kee-rist!) concerns itself with punk. And there’s no way I can get the past forty-five minutes of my life back, either. Thanks a lot, chumps.