Relient K, Rocket Summer, Maxeen – Live (Feb. 22nd, 2006)

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Relient K, Rocket Summer, Maxeen

Live (Feb. 22nd, 2006) - Red's - Edmonton, Alberta

This concert was a much needed concert. It had been a while since I had been to a really energizing one, and considering how quickly this show sold out, I knew it would be one to remember. Although, I was still slightly skeptical. I wasn’t sure what the pit would be like, and had very mixed feelings about the opening bands. But as soon as Maxeen walked on stage, that skepticism melted away.

While the LA three piece didn’t convert me to an avid fan, Maxeen put on a strong enough set for me to reconsider mt stance on them. They were tight, pretty energetic, and sounded exactly like they do on their CD – which surprised me considering the pitches the singer hits sometimes. Nevertheless, he hit those same pitches live.They played a nice selection from their debut album, like Please, Love Goes A Long Way, Good Enough and Strangers along with a few new ones from their upcoming album, including Fuck Em Up or something to that effect which sounded pretty good. Of course, the highlight of their set, and the song that really got the venue moving, was their single Soleil. They really spiced up the track, adding some extra breaks during the song, dragging it on longer, and just getting the crowd more involved. They were a lot better than I had expected, and kick the evening off perfectly.

Next came Bryce Avery and The Rocket Summer – yet another band I wasn’t sure about going into the show. I had originally held a great dislike for the solo project when I first heard Hello, Good Friend, but in preparation for the concert I decided to give it another chance and soon started to really like some of the songs. So as the date neared, I was intrigued to see if Avery and his backup band would be able to move that emotion forward, and they did.

The Rocket Summer put on one hell of a performance. Avery was energetic, jumping around, singing, dancing, crowd surfing and shooting confetti into the air; at one point he even stepped behind the drum kit for a mini drum solo. He easily won over the crowd with songs such as Show Me Everything You’ve Got, Story, I’m Doing Everything (For You), Brat Pack and Never Knew along with some older favorites like Cross Your Heart. There wasn’t anything exceptionally special about their performance, it was just a solid, energetic, fun set; and I definitely walked away holding them in higher regard than I did before.

And last, but not least, it was Relient K who took the stage, and everyone was immediately excited.

Since it was the Matt Hoopes Birthday Tour, the band stepped on after playing an Happy Birthday melody through the speakers, and they jumped right into the set with their single Be My Escape which instantly got the crowd moving. They, like The Rocket Summer, played an extremely tight and successful set full of energy as they whipped through songs from their entire career, everything from Sadie Hawkins Dance all the way up to Life After Death & Taxes (Failure II) made an appearance; but of course, they threw in some bonuses too. On top of a cover song, the band went on a a trip through time playing snippets from classic ’80s song after In Love With The 80s (Pink Tux To The Prom). Keeping in the Birthday spirit, they churned out the classic sing along tune once again in the middle of their set – singing it to Hoopes, two fans at the concert along with George Washington who turned 274 years old that day. After a few more songs, like High On 75, The Truth, Which To Bury Us Or The Hatchet andI So Hate Consequences, and some Calgary bashing, like all bands do as they pass throw Edmonton, the band left the stage only to return a few minutes later for their encore. At first, Matt Thiessen was alone one stage and started playing Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been but the band soon followed to end the set with a bang.

The band left the stage, leaving everyone in the crowd being glad that they were able to see Relient K‘s first ever concert in Edmonton.