Remembering Never – God Save Us

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Remembering Never

God Save Us - Ferret Music

When I heard I’d be receiving this CD, I was ecstatic. Ever since I heard them I’ve been enjoying Remembering Never. Luckily for me, this CD didn’t let me down. The band sounds quite wild, they play really fast and they have fairly harsh vocals, although for some reason I was expecting melodics. Though I hate to say this, this album didn’t vary much from most other hardcore/metal-core albums that I’ve heard in the last few years, but like I said, I still enjoyed it. When it came to the guitar, there wasn’t anything to special about it. It was mostly a fairly consistent chord with chuggy breakdowns that seem to be the thing to do nowadays. The drummer sounds very good. He’s got technical double kick patterns that happen to be extremely fast and excessive use of cymbals. It all culminates into an excellent sounding band, but as I said, this has been done. That’s just about my only problem with this CD. It has excellent lyrics, which include notes about what the songs meant to the band. It’s good to hear music that deals with actual issues as opposed to bitching about your ex girlfriend or screaming about vampires. There was some really good album art as well, its mostly pictures to go along with the lyrics and not completely unrelated images with absolutely no significance.

If you’re a fan of Remembering Never, you’ll most likely enjoy this album. In all honesty, I probably would have bought this somewhere along the line, so support your scene and go see them and such. But if you’re looking for something to mix up your already generic metal-core CD collection, you just might not want to buy this. Although Remembering Never is becoming more unique with every album, not many bands seem to be able to get their vocals the same way as these guys.