Righteous Jams – Rage of Discipline

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Righteous Jams

Rage of Discipline - Kung Fu Records

Kung Fu Records is known mostly for releasing both high class live DVDs in their The Show Must Go Off!! series along with catchy pop-punk albums from some of the nation’s top acts. Rarely do you think ofKung Fu has anything else. But they are well on their way to changing that. First they released the hardcore hail unamerican! by Underminded and now they are about to re-release Righteous Jams EP,Rage Of Discipline; making it so that you won’t always know what to expect from this Californian label.

The ten song EP (which could easily be classified as an album with ten tracks on it) is full of mid-tempo in your face hardcore songs that last between one and two minutes long. There’s no metal, no screaming, and no bullshit here, just straight hardcore songs topped off with Joey C’s crisp, strong vocals. Heavy guitar riffs, that actually have a slight sense of melody, with constant drum beats come through with every song.

Unfortunately, this type of album isn’t really for me. I’ve never understood the attraction of most hardcore bands. Nothing really makes the songs standout among one another. They tend to just mold together and feel like one long thirteen minutes song rather then ten separate ones. Although, I will say that what Righteous Jams is doing, is done well, and better then half the hardcore bands I’ve heard recently. It’s just not my thing. I like the old fashion Kung Fu sound rather then this new direction they are slowly going towards. The band may be better suited at a label like Bridge 9 or Deathwish Inc. rather then Kung Fu, but when it comes down to it, the labels don’t really matter. If you like in your face hardcore, then you’ll most likely like this. But if you’re like me, then this thirteen minute album won’t be that attractive.