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Rum Lads

Rum Lads

Noise Terrorists - Self Released

Think I’m right in saying that Rum Lads are a band that grew out of sadness, when the loss of the legend that was Mensi (Angelic Upstarts, for those who live on Jupiter) gave the moment at Rebellion 2022 when Rum Lad (Richie) added his ridiculously brilliant vocal monster to the Upstarts along with many others.  From this was born a collaboration with Newts Newton (Upstarts long standing lead guitar), this has now with the addition of Drummer Jim ‘The Fin’ (Propane 4) and Bassist Si-Cadelic (Corporal Bones)., stirred a hornets nest of musical fervour.

And with no fucking about, which is something you’ll see and hear much more off with this angry but passionate band, the album Noise Terrorists was thrown together like a volcanic melting pot of songs that have every right to be taring up your ears and hitting the soul with truths from the heart.

Rum Lads

From the shit show that has been the last 13 years of Tory (some say rule, but that’s probably what they would love to call it) debacle, to the social injustices and racism that stem from the flag wielding “Rule Britannia” nationalists born from facist policies.  This album cover the lot, but it also has some wonderful moments of love for its fellow man.

Its the Monarchy that gets the first torpedo ups its arse with ‘Monarchist Death Panto’  which rolls in like mill stone to the grains of chaff/wheat that are the tyrant lovers, who drooled over the panto that was the royal mourning show.

This is swiftly followed the banger that is ‘Blunt Truth Trauma’ a much more melodic offering, but with non the less anger, this album does within its beating heart, show just how being punk and angry doesn’t just mean “scream and shout and it’ll be all alright”, it shows how the future is still in need of truth and controlled ferocity. 

‘Wasps’ was a song that aired its stinging lyrics first, one that hit out at the perpetual pests that like wasps gather around and feed off the vulnerable in society, the leaders and banker wankers, it sizzles their ears with words of derision, it buzzes along like a musical swarm that deserved to be released in preemption to the storm.

I could go on for hours and hours tapping away on the old and worn keyboard about how you really need have this album in your life, but that would actually take all the fun of it and you really need to witness the power and wonderment of music that intertwines with the lyrical power like the tentacles of future history.

But let’s not go without mentioning songs like ‘Incinerator’ with its beat that drives you along like a force of nature, a don’t ever think I’ll back down or ben to your will song.  ‘Glue Sniffer’ which is possibly the most 70’s punk, it sounds so very familiar lyrically, think we all know someone in here.  Then ‘Crawl Away’ my god how good is this song!, so much The Jam, Kickback Generation (North East England genius of a band), Upstarts and so many more all rolled into one, which is my way of saying they nailed it here and the album is filled with some of the most diverse of our time moments.

It’s not Oi, it’s not Punk, it’s most certainly not Indie, and don’t ever call it pop punk, it’s Fuck Off if you don’t like us and always be in the ‘Anti-Social Club’ when you need to be.

Punks not dead, its just been into a bar downed a few shots and rolled out the other side as Noise Terrorists

Out March 15th!!!

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