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Ripper! - Red Scare Industries

Sack are out of Denver, I always associate Denver with a well known country singer called John, but apparently he wasn’t even from that illustrious city (who knew).  

So getting hold of an album by a band that are not country and definitely do come from Denver, was a revelation to this not so well read person.  Sack are in every practical sense a non existent band that exist as and when enough members allow (well that’s seems to be the case).  Leading this incarnation is Kody Templeman ‘Bruzzy’ (The Lillingtons/Teenage Bottlerocket),  so look out for straight up no nonsense revved up punk/pop on the journey ahead.

First up on this off kilter tour is ‘I Hate The Beach Boys’, and the obvious question is do they?, or is this more of a rant at the whole made up world around the music,  I’ll let you make you own mind up about that, after you’ve listen to this riotous guitar thrashing of a song, with vocals that spit venom at its subject.

This album seems to be a fest of getting shit off your chest, delving into subjects that either need talking about or just ones that have to be pummelling to a pulp.  ‘Wet Banana’ which was the first release from this album, is exactly as it says, don’t be fooled by something so sublime, Kody’s vocal can smash any misconceptions about a song right out of the park, if it needs to be like firing armour piercing bullets ‘I Used To Give A Shit’ it can, or if you need a stealth bomber of a delivery ‘I Tried Suicide’ then he will always have it!

Music that does exactly what it says on the tin and some more, is the way Sack deal with their shit, ‘Live Laugh LARP’ being a song that proves they do things the way they want and are possibly totally insane or genius, make you r own mind up (personally I’d pick them both).

If you make it to the end of this album and are hoping that the sequel might follow shortly, then hold your breath for as long as you can without dying, then you might understand what it might feel like actually waiting to see if it happens, well with this line up anyway.  

Bang your head against the headboard a few times, then drag your sorry arse out of the bedroom and go find yourself a copy of this tommy gun of an album, you will feel so much better.

For all your options on getting your ears around this album, go HERE

Out via Red Scare Industries on June 10th