Seemless – What Have We Become

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What Have We Become - Equal Vision Records

Boasting former members of Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage is one way to catch the attention of metalcore fans. However it isn’t a guarantee that just because you like both former bands that you will enjoy Seemless, they are their own band and aren’t contempt with living in their past fame. Featuring a more hard rock blues style with experimental and progressive undertones occasionally laced throughout, What Have We Become sounds closer to early Sound Garden.

Most of What Have We Become is driven by heavy guitar riffs that chug along occasionally drifting into more atmospheric tones that are nicely followed up by the backbeat of the drums and bass. While a lot of these riffs are solid, they never really peak or even change enough to keep from sounding repetitive and lack enough power to last a full song. Singer Jesse Leach tries to be versatile and attempts to sing and scream, but fails to have either sound under control. His scream is too weak to even be considered one as it is merely him raising his voice and his singing voice does nothing for me as it isn’t rough enough to sound metal or nice enough to sound good, it’s simply forgettable. Lyrically nothing stands out either, with words that aren’t horrible or overly cliche but based on disposable themes that we’ve all heard before. Nothing here will change your life or make you consider things in a different perspective as most of it is very generic with things like, “All that I needed was to breathe the music that I bleed inside” which is taken from the opener, “In My Blood“.

Overall this album isn’t going to be anyone’s favourite album, some people will like it but I can’t imagine anyone loving it because there isn’t one aspect of this album that is strong or executed superbly. The 9 minute finale “…Things Fall Apart” shows some promise, but like all the tracks before, it repeats its idea’s over and over and isn’t able to sustain you for the full 9 minutes. With some stronger vocals, shorter songs and better execution Seemless could work. They have good ideas with a lot of their riffs and it’s obvious all members know their way around their individual instruments, but 90% of this album lacks any edge especially vocally and can’t be recommended.