Seizure Crypt – Under The Gun

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Seizure Crypt

Under The Gun - Bad Elephant Productions

“In this day, the last icon left the world of the cat lady, because he had no room left to bleed.  His life forever changed, he privately vows to fight to kill the drunk pig before the phone number is called, destiny now, not forever, because, when you die they throw your stuff out.”

I can’t even begin to decipher what all of that means, but it sure serves as if one hell of an album opener, and sums up New York’s Seizure Crypt better than I can.  Unplanned madness is rare these days, making Seizure Crypt’s sophomore effort, Under The Gun, a welcome divergence from the everyday.

Spastic, unapologetic, and deeply rooted in the 80’s hardcore tradition of music that rips your face off, chews it raw, and slaps it back onto your screaming corps, brings to mind the sweaty mosh pits of yesteryear, once dominated by the likes of legacy acts Circle Jerks or Yuppicide, and kept alive by those likeOutbreak and OFF!.  This is nine tracks of low budget, loosely executed and combined thrash, punk, hardcore and metal that flips the bird to modern trends, all the while hosting a soundtrack to an unforgettable and destructive wrecking ball of a house party.

All nine tracks play off and into one another to the point that distinguishing them from one another seems a pointless task.  Or put otherwise, every track is unique in itself, containing few conventions and a career’s worth of variety.  Sometimes the quintet hammers away on their guitars like a mad man smashing his head through a wall in an incognisant rage (ie. “No Room Left To Bleed”).  And for others, like “In This Day,” they speak calmly with politically aware insight.  But even such tracks feature enough fanatical vocal, tempo, and stylistic shifts to keep even a veteran thrasher guessing.  With so much going on, keeping all the overlapping vocals, coinciding shouts, and outright entertaining messages straight proves an outright entertaining task; and one that Seizure Crypt lives up to moment after fleeting moment.

Under The Gun isn’t an easy album to keep up with, and it’s certainly not one that lends itself to a track-by-track breakdown.  But taken as a whole, every crazy second of this nonsensical mind-bender justifies your time.  At only twenty minutes, Seizure Crypt can afford to have fun without the fear of their novelty wearing thin.  Considering that most 80’s hardcore groups stuck around for the career equivalent to their shifting attention spans, here’s to hoping that the group returns with another jolting reminder of just how fun hardcore can be.