Shocktroopers – Too Fast For Sleeves

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Too Fast For Sleeves - Self Released

It’s a rare occurrence that reviewers are given the chance to follow a band since their true DIY infancy.  Sure, a band might “debut” on an independent label, but their path always starts somewhere more obscure – usually a basement or garage.  That’s exactly what I feel I’m in the thick of experiencing with Wyoming pop-punk outfit Shock Troopers.

The formerly Ramones-esque pop punkers have returned with a four-song follow-up to their roughly executed self-titled debut.  The EP, entitled Too Fast For Sleeves, speeds by in a quick ten-minute flash, the band focusing on fast and care-free rattlers with a side of old school street sense.  This time around, think less Teenage Bottlerocket and more Screeching Weasel.  Opener “Annie And Rex” resembles the type of snot-nosed pop punk you’ll find on the sloppier side of the It’s Alive Records catalogue.  That being said, it’s also quite a bit tighter and better produced than the band’s past work.

Of course the band still encounters some very clear limits.  For starters, Shock Troopers have yet to resolve the issue of repetition.  A few key chords during choruses and the lead vocals nasally whine cycle loosely between chorus and verse from start to finish.  Coupled with a rapid fire pace, the songs mostly blur together with the exception of the lyrically distinct “Anti Hero.”  Otherwise, “Hog Leg” and “I’ll Be Home At Ten” fall a little too close to one another for comfort.

For a follow-up, Too Fast For Sleeves demonstrates Shock Troopers inching towards the finish line.  While a marked improvement over their initial debut, the EP remains quite modest when compared to their peers.  There isn’t a ton of justification to check out Shock Troopers over likeminded acts, hopefully meaning Too Fast For Sleeves is but the first of many turns on the road of self-improvement.