Single Review: Blushh – Thx 4 Asking EP

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Thx 4 Asking - Yellow K Records

Blushh is revolving line up of musicians that centred around Shab, she is a Los Angeles native who started off writing and blogging about bands, from there she’s become ever more heavily involved in the scene, booking tours for bands, touring with them and finally forming her own band, which of course means there’s still hope for me. Her latest EP, Thx 4 Asking, follows on from her 2016 debut, It’s Fine, and will be released via Yellow K Records on the 22nd June.
The opening track, I’m Over It, launches you into Thx 4 Asking with a laid back fuzzy blast that has an infectious hook that wedges itself deep in your brain. Do I Look Tired? continues with the wall of restrained melodic fuzz, before my personal highlight from the EP, What About My Plants, arrives and is the first track that finally starts to up the ante. The final two tracks, The Party Song and No One, ease you back down into the strangely inhibited wall of fuzz that has characterised Blushh‘s sophomore release.
Thx 4 Asking brings a laid back approach to the kind of fuzz and fury that Mudhoney and L7 blasted out in the heyday of grunge, but this is an EP that I found myself willing to get out of third gear and hit the gas. Thx 4 Asking is a fine release and every track is a potential single, but there’s something about the release that I can’t quite put my finger on that leaves me feeling that their promise has been slightly unfulfilled. Thx 4 Asking is an impressive EP, but it’s one that has an oddly reticent feel to it, as a result I find myself wishing that they’d just let their fuzz drenched melodies off the leash.
Thx 4 Asking can be pre-ordered via Yellow K Records here
The Yellow K Records website can be found here