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Bones Shake

Funbox - Abattoir Blues Records

Bones Shake are a scuzzy fuzzy bastard blues three piece that formed in 2011, the band have developed a well deserved reputation for delivering adrenaline driven sweat drenched live shows, and their recorded output almost inevitably captures the spirit of their live shows, from the guttural vocal howls of front man David Brennan to the savage and twisted soundtrack, in a way that few bands manage, and now we are on the cusp of Bones Shake unleashing their latest four track EP, Funbox.

The Funbox EP immediately kicks in with the sirens that precede the arrival of the dark and twisted overdriven fuzz of Cops, and it seems that Bones Shake have somehow managed to become even more primitive and raw since their last release. The EP’s title track continues the assault with a grinding Stooges riff and a bucketful of attitude, whilst Liars delivers a heartfelt anger driven tirade, the nature of the rants that characterise the track make me feel that is directed squarely and deservedly at those in power, sadly given the current nature of global politics this could apply to almost anywhere. Funbox finally bows out with Devils, the sole slow burning track on the EP that veers back into their sinister blues roots.

The Funbox EP boasts primal drumbeats and the dirtiest riffs that the North West has to offer, this combination is accompanied by the anguished growling howl of the vocals that makes Funbox the finest release by Bones Shake to date. The whole package feels more focused and driven than their previous releases, all the while maintaining all the signature elements that have made them such a force of nature. Bones Shake have continually gone from strength to strength since their formation, and the release of Funbox is confirmation that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

Funbox will be available from tomorrow, December 22nd 2017, via Abattoir Blues Records, you will also be able to pick up physical copies of the EP as Bones Shake will be playing a free entry release day show for the Funbox EP at Manchester’s Castle Hotel with support from label mates GUTS and The Dee Vees.

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here