Single Review: Capital Youth – Lemonade EP

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Capital Youth

Lemonade - Roosevelt Records

Roosevelt Records have released the Lemonade EP by Switzerland’s Capital Youth, the label was created for the release of the band’s debut EP and is owned by the band themselves, making this very much a DIY affair. Capital Youth‘s debut release embraces the fuzzier garage influenced side of punk, from the Ramones through to The Strokes and beyond, the Lemonade EP sits comfortably alongside releases by their contemporaries, especially bands such as Culture Abuse and The Two Tens who made two of my favourite albums in 2016, in making an impressively glorious noise that restores your faith in punk rock.

Lemonade kicks off with the an amazing blast of Garage Punk in the shape of Chinatown, this is swiftly followed by the equally impressive Where You Are, and you don’t have time to draw breath before the hyperactive In A Maze ups the ante. Moving On continues the relentless fuzzy garage assault and the EP culminates in Without You. Normally I can pick a stand out track or a personal favourite from a release, but on Lemonade that isn’t possible as every single track is equally striking. It’s not often a release impresses me this much, let alone on a debut EP, but Lemonade marks Capital Youth out as a band that, if there’s any justice, should be packing venues out shortly.

To say this is an impressive debut is an understatement, when you couple that with the fact that Capital Youth are doing everything on their own terms, something that I always admire, then you have a band that have made a serious statement of intent with their debut release. Lemonade is delivered in five perfect two minute servings that hit the spot every time, Capital Youth have produced what will undoubtedly be one of my favourite releases from 2017 with their debut release. From the opening fuzzy chords of Chinatown to the closing notes of Without You there is not a single moment on this EP that disappoints, in short Lemonade is a perfect five tracks of fuzzy garage influenced punk rock that is the best ten minutes of new music you’ll have heard so far this year.

You can order Lemonade via Capital Youth‘s Bandcamp here

The ten inch vinyl of Lemonade can be purchased here