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Destroy The Line

War - Bird Attack Records

Destroy The Line, who were formerly known as Regress, are a progressive thrash punk quartet from Jacksonville, Florida, they started life as a side music project in the spring of 2015 and are formed from the ashes of numerous Floridian bands including Hatrick, Flag on Fire, Stradladder, Danka, Shadow Agency, His Name Was Iron, Hatchet Face and In Whispers. After building a local following through their live performances, including support slots for the likes of 88 Fingers Louis, they recorded a demo in the summer of 2016 which brought them to the attention of Bird Attack Records, and now less than a year after their formation their debut EP, War, has been released.

The four track War EP opens with the frantic introduction to Ordinary, this carries elements of both punk and thrash which meld together to form a satisfying crossover, the pace builds up on the EP’s title track, with it almost bordering on metalcore during the verses before breaking down into an anthemic chorus. The intensity continues to build across the EP, the urgent beat of Trenches veers further into the thrash influences with a relentless track before you head into the EP’s finale, Between Me And You. This final track eases back slightly from the strident thrash stylings that had become more prominent and, whilst still a frantic number, reverts back to the crossover style and brings the War EP full circle.

The dual vocal style, frantic rhythms and metal influenced riffs do become somewhat repetitive, something I find common in crossover bands, but having said that this is a promising debut from a band that have quickly gained a solid reputation as a live act, and Destroy The Line have produced an EP that seems to capture their essence. Whilst the approach does vary I can’t help feeling that this is something I’ve heard before, there is a predominance of metal infused punk, and punk influenced metal, bands out there and the format that many of these bands choose seems to be set in stone. Destroy The Line have made an EP that indicates they have a promising future, I just hope that they can follow the own path rather become lost amongst the herd.

 The War EP is available from today, the 13th January 2017, via Bird Attack Records here