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Have A Rad Day - Self Released

The high energy Nashville quartet that is H.A.R.D, which is an acronym for Have A Rad Day, are a band that just buzz with positive vibes and energy, the band was founded after the break up of Light Beam Rider and the reason for this won’t surprise anyone, the band just wanted something faster, louder, rowdier and more fun. Now with the imminent release of their eponymous debut EP, Have A Rad Day, you can’t help but feel that they’ve achieved their goal.

H.A.R.D are an outfit that lives solely for experiencing as many rad moments as possible in the time you get on this planet, the lead single, Bellyacher, kicks things off with a gloriously infectious riff that mixes grunge fuzz and attitude with classic rock riffs. Have A Rad Day Day manages to capture a grunge slacker vibe and mix this with the positivity and energy of eighties rock to create a hybrid that is a massive contradiction, but who cares as the five tracks that make up the Have A Rad Day EP really are an absolute blast. 

Try and imagine the energy levels that Andrew WK kicks out but with more of a I don’t give a fuck attitude and you’re probably about there, the rock excesses are channeled rather than indulged and the attitude the underpins everything about the Have A Rad Day EP exemplifies the positive vibes and hedonistic attitude of H.A.R.D. This is a band who clearly to intend to try to have a good time all the time, I’m not sure whether this is rock band after a binge session or grunge outfit about to start one, either way it’s infectious, overblown and rather addictive, and you really can’t help loving them for it.

Have A Rad Day can be pre-ordered on ltd edition vinyl and digital formats via Bandcamp here