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Mantras - Self Released

Brighton four piece Mantras are celebrating the official release of their debut EP, this is a self released, self titled four track EP that channels some of the best known bands from the last two decades of the UK’s indie scene. The Mantras EP contains four tracks of guitar based indie rock that recalls the days when Manchester was the musical epicentre of the world, and it does it in style.

The Mantras EP has such a strong influence from some of Manchester’s finest bands that when I first heard them I presumed they were natives of that city, the Stone Roses and Oasis, along with a strong vocal delivery that reminds me of Tim Booth of James, are key influences. If they were just recreating those bands this would be rather disappointing, as there are hundreds of bands doing this. What puts Mantras ahead of the pack is that they’ve adopted some of the stylings of those bands and amalgamated them into their own original compositions, rather than trying to reproduce what has already been recorded and repeatedly imitated ever since.

I recently caught Mantras live at Gullivers in Manchester, whilst they haven’t quite caught the energy they display in a live setting this is a solid four track EP that is influenced by the best of the more rock ‘n roll side of UK indie rock. Importantly they have avoided the excesses and self indulgence that many of those bands slipped into with their later recordings, and have delivered a quartet of anthemic tunes that recall the highpoints of the peak of Britpop and the Madchester era bands. The Mantras EP is released today, November 4th, and will be available via iTunes and streaming services.

Mantras Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp, where you can also purchase the EP, is here