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Feed Me EP - Self Released

Brooklyn band QWAM  will release the Feed Me EP on January 19th 2018, their latest release follows on from their Queen With A Megaphone EP that was self released at the tail end of 2016, the band’s latest EP is a collection of five fiercely independent punk infused tracks that were written during 3am subway rides and perfected in sweaty Brooklyn basements. The Feed Me EP takes it’s cue from the likes of Hole, Babes In Toyland, L7, The Lunachicks and Exene Cervenka, and parallels the rise of UK acts like Hands Off Gretel and Vukovi, and the result is five impressive lo-fi cuts of angst fuelled punk rock that hit the spot on every track.

QWAM kick things off with the EP’s intense title track that blends the discordance of early grunge and the ragged edge of alt rock with a punk attitude, whereas the following track, Glitter Paint,  just delivers one hundred seconds of pure stripped down punk rock fury. Crazier Than Me brings another dimension to the Feed Me EP, it’s a love song for the outsider that slowly builds the intensity before easing you back out, albeit into the skittering punk rock of Doggie Door. Feed Me is brought to a close with Dirty Feet, a track that embraces elements of power pop and combines it with their own overdriven style to create a fitting finale to what has been an impressive sophomore EP from QWAM.

If you want to hear an EP that captures the spirit of DIY punk rock perfectly then QWAM‘s latest release would be a good place to start, it embraces the best elements of punk rock and delivers it with the creativity that comes of being borne of the DIY scene. Feed Me is an EP that marks a promising start to 2018, and if you’re in New York then I’d make a point of heading over to the Knitting Factory on the 24th January for the EP’s release party.

The Feed Me EP can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here

QWAM‘s Facebook page can be found here