Single Review: The 99 Degree – Love (Like I Need You / Bed Of Bones

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The 99 Degree

Love (Like I Need You / Bed Of Bones - Sour Grapes Records

The 99 Degree have been quiet on the recording front since the release of their debut EP, Boot Hill Surf Club, in 2017, the past two years have been spent embedding themselves in the basement venues of the wild North West of the UK, but now they have re-emerged with a brand new single under the belts featuring two new tracks, Love (Like I Need You) and Bed Of Bones, that is due out on tomorrow, the 31st May, via Sour Grapes Records. The new single will initially be available on tape with a download code at their show with Imperial Wax, The Creature Comfort and SlowHandClap at Night People in Manchester on the 31st May before becoming available on digital formats shortly after.

Anyone expecting The 99 Degree to have abandoned their mutant hybrid of surf, punk, rockabilly, 60’s garage, spaghetti western soundtracks, outsider Country and Blues would be disappointed, and quite possibly hopelessly deluded. The first taste of their new material shows that the addition of a second guitarist to their line up has added depth to the unique black surf cocktail, the A Side features the unhinged and haunted reverb laced anti-love song, Love (Like I Need You), whilst it’s counterpart, Bed Of Bones, is a track that resembles a twisted blend of the best elements from the Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks, together they make for a tantalising dose of bastard surf blues designed for the degenerate.

All the hallmarks of The 99 Degree are present and correct, the unhinged outfit have built on their eccentric soundtrack, one that firmly puts them out on their own, surfing in uncharted waters on the edge of sea of garage bands. With the imminent release of their new single, a new home in Sour Grapes Records and plans for a further EP in the Autumn and a UK tour, as well as a slot at the Kendal Calling Festival, maybe 2019 is the year when The 99 Degree will finally emerge from the basement blinking in the sunlight, I just hope the world is ready for them.

The 99 Degree can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter