Single Review: Vanilla Pod – Goodbye My Love EP

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Vanilla Pod

Goodbye My Love - Horn & Hoof Records

Vanilla Pod have been with us 1995 and and in that time there have been numerous line up changes, six full length releases, a bunch of singles and countless live shows, but now, 23 years after they burst onto the punk scene, they are finally calling it a day and they are bowing out with the appropriately named Goodbye My Love EP. Their final release is being issued by a who’s who of UK punk labels, including Aaahh!!! Real Records, Brassneck Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Horn & Hoof Records, Make-That-A-Take Records, Speedowax and TNS Records, in the punk equivalent of a 21 gun salute to mark their passing.

Disgracer opens up the EP with a perfect hit of melodic hardcore, that is followed by Grey a track that is every bit the equal of the opening track. Waster brings a poppier element, at least by Vanilla Pod‘s standards, into the mix and finally we reach the last new track we’ll hear from Vanilla Pod, G.O.B, and appropriately enough it’s my favourite track on the EP. Goodbye My Love is a release will leave only good memories of a band who made an impression on the punk scene completely on their own terms, and who have a released near perfect EP for their swan song.

Goodbye My Love is a perfect ending for Vanilla Pod, every track has the breakneck drums and hooks that have become Vanilla Pod‘s trademark over the last two and a bit decades. This year also sees the demise of Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man which means that there is going to be a big hole left in UK’s DIY punk scene. Like all good stories we can only hope that there might be another chapter, so rather declaring their demise we’ll leave this open in the hope that there might be a return somewhere down the line.

Goodbye My Love can be pre-ordered via Horn And Hoof Records here