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Vulpynes - Headcheck Records

Don’t let looks deceive you, Vulpynes may only be a duo but with their fusion of low end riffs, melodic hooks, snarling vocals and visceral rhythms they certainly make a lot of impressive noise, their sound weaves together elements of punk and garage rock, that is all delivered with an infectious sound that is inimitably their own. Their recent signing with UK label Headcheck Records, and with plans to tour the UK, Germany and beyond, all suggest that this will be their busiest year yet, and the release of their debut self titled EP on March 1st looks set to kick start 2018 for Vulpynes.
The dirty riff that opens the Vulypnes first release entices you into their debut EP, the first cut from their self titled EP is relentless driven slab of garage punk that carries a distinct menace and fuck you attitude, this is amplified on the second slice that brings a darker primitive grind into the mix with Terry Said. The second half of the EP kicks into life with frantic Silica that alternates between short adrenalized blasts of overdriven guitar and the darker brooding chorus, the EP closes with OCD, an ode to embracing the condition, something I, and I’d imagine many more, can relate to
 The Vulypynes channel the best of the female grunge era bands such L7 and the Lunachicks, they combine this with the snotty attitude of garage bands and good shot of punk adrenaline to create a debut EP that for me is a near perfect overdriven hybrid. The Vulpynes have released a stunning debut EP that signals that they mean business, and I pity anyone who tries to get in the way of this dark duo’s plans.
The Vulpynes EP can be pre-ordered now via Headcheck Records here
Vulpynes website is here