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Somehow Hollow

Busted Wings and Rusted Halos - Victory Records

Busted Wings & Rusted Halos opens up with deecent great songs one after another, KamloopsHow Winter Killed Our Souls and Darkest Day. The first of the three starts off with a type of metallic slide, and is probably my second favorite song on the album. It is about s guy who left his girl and then regrets it, and sends a letter to her. Probably the one thing I like most about this song is the rhythm, it is a fast pace tune with some great guitar and bass riffs. My favorite part in the song is at around 2:30, where they slow it all down and then pick it back up with a bass solo with a steady drum beat in the background. And for those of you who don’t know, Kamloops is  a town in British Columbia. How Winter Killed Our Souls is a good song, but slightly harder to put into words. The last of the three previously mentioned songs, Darkest Day, is my third favorite track. Throughout half of the  song there is a hard guitar beat, except for the last minute where it slows down and softens a bit. This song is just done incredibly well, and those three songs open up the album in a great fashion.

Now, I have told you about my second and third favorites song, now for my absolute favorite song, Walking Clothed Foot, track 5. The introduction to the song vaguely reminds me of the introduction toBlink182‘s All The Small Things, but then picks up and goes into the amazing song.  It is a song about meeting a beautiful girl at a show and wondering what she’d say if he’d ask her out. This is a great song, and just one of the top from the album.

Now skipping ahead to track 7, Broken Chords. This song is a fast paced song, clocking in at 2:09, but is still chocked full of great lyrics and beats. The songs are about a musician wanting to write some music for a girl, but never being able to. Once this song ends it goes into A Introduction To A Tragic Dream. It starts off with a great guitar beat and powerful vocals, it keeps a steady beat throughout and is another one of my favorites on the album.

Somehow Hollow end the album with  Busted Stereos And Myself. It is a decent song, ending with approximately one minute of of just music, slowly getting softer and softer, in till it ends.

Overall, I think this album is ok, but has a lot of downsides. One of them being that almost every song on the album has something to do about girls, which a lot of bands do and I have nothing against, but it starts to get repetitive after a while. The other downside is that a lot of the songs sound slightly familiar to one another, not varying it quite enough.