Speak Low If You Speak Love – Everything But What You Need

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Speak Low If You Speak Love

Everything But What You Need - Pure Noise Records

Electric-indie-rock outfit Speak Low If You Speak Love started its life primarily as an emo band with an acoustic insight.  Their debut album, Everything But What You Need, was a sleeper hit amongst my playlists, but over time its subtle charm planted itself firmly in memory to the point in which the prospect of a follow-up became enticing.  Three years later and the band bring us Nearsighted, an album that lives up to expectations while branching out into new musical territory.

There’s now a great range of subtle stylistic infusions making up Speak Low If You Speak Love’s range.  Take “Enough,” which ventures lightly into realm of math rock with sensual chords that just drip with comparisons to Minus The Bear.  From the lingering echo of each guitar note to the warmly planted thumper of pervasive bass grooves, the band captures an emotional essence that feels every bit as authentic as the comparisons it conjures.  On the other side of the spectrum come the reminders of the band’s acoustic origins.  The melancholy beat of “Safety Net” in particular builds itself around a highly polished, piano-driven exposition that could cause City & Colour fans to foam at the mouth.  The band commands an incredible patience in their songs, which means they never rush into anything without a well plotted course.

Overall, Everything But What You Need is a refreshingly natural take on electric-indie-rock.  The album may be a little slow for the pop savvy, but it shouldn’t be a stretch for those looking for a thoughtful and artistic listen.  Existing fans will appreciate Speak Low If You Speak Love’s willingness to grow, while newcomers will have no trouble embracing the Westland, Michigan trio.