Subhumans – Live In A Dive

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Live In A Dive - Fat Wreck Chords

Fat Wreck Chords is proud to present their fifth installment in their Live In A Dive series. This time it features punk rock icons The Subhumans playing 26, the largest setlist out of all previous Live In A Divereleases, of their classic songs and even one brand new track (This Year’s War)!

The most surprising thing about the album is the smoothness of the recording. Quite often during the 26 tracks you find yourself forgetting that this album is in fact a live recording. The band doesn’t spend much time talking, they came there to rock and that’s what they did. They go from song to song just blasting their way though with only small stops. Hearing the crowd cheer and sing along with Dick and The Subhumans is what reminds you that the album is actually a live recording and not a studio one. The vocals come through your speakers perfectly clear as do all the melodies and riffs by Bruce (guitar and vocals), Phil (bass and vocals) and Trotsky (drums).

These old Brits play all their classic songs like NoWork-Rest-Play-DieApathyPigmanJoe Public, Mickey Mouse Is Dead and Subvert City (the booklet actually has a comic to go with the lyrics forSubvert City, it’s quite nice to read). They don’t stop there, Dick and the gang play songs from their most of their back catalog and one brand new song called This Year’s War. The crowd absorbed all their political songs and sung back as powerful as ever.

The Subhumans‘ Live In A Dive is a perfect album for any aging punk who loves bands like the Sex Pistols and The Damned an