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The Aquadolls

Charmed - Self Released

Los Angles Femme-Punk royalty is what the has been said about Aquadolls, is this a worthy title?, well this is my opportunity to listen and pass on my words of non wisdom to the debate.  The latest album ‘Charmed’ comes in as their third, named after the TV show that features three witch sisters and oh there just happens to be three in the band, get the thought there.  But does it live up to the title, well if you like things that are bubble gum, dark satanic and all about the bond between friends/family, all at the same time, then yes this album covers all the bases.

First thought that popped into my head when the bass kicked in on ‘Far Far Away’ was Soap Girls and this didn’t really go away throughout the track, a pop/rock feel with a catchy as fuck chorus and melodies that have the foot tapping like crazy.  What gives this band a little more than just pop songs that could be easily thrown away like a Taylor Swift chart hit, are the edgy lyrics/vocal, awesome bass lines and scuzzy guitar riffs, ‘Burn Baby Burn’ fits this bill perfectly.

There are times within this album that you do wonder if your not just being fed hooks and melodies with some pretty sugary vocals, but then this would be just in line with what the album title suggests, if it was just based on songs like ‘Sneaky’, ‘Your Heart Belongs To Someone Else’ and ‘Beachy’, which do have there moments, but feel a lot like anti-love songs or just plain break up songs in places, yet still somehow find the time to pop out a lines like “I’m gonna wear just what I want”, “Fuck it, love yourself die hard”, which totally save them from falling into the depths of mush pop, I’d be hard pushed to give this more than 3 stars.  But oh fuck, they also have songs like ‘Scream’, a full on The Von Tramps rock pop fest, that drives this band oh so higher up the weight than some of the songs punch at. 

Then you get to the final track ‘Cut Throat’ and the previous eight sound bites all fade away into insignificance (this is not to say they don’t have there place) but fucking BOOOOOM! This is what I was expecting from Femme-Punk royalty, your now impressing, and deserved of such a title.  

Is one track good enough though?. No because as an entire album this does actually work, its got the dance-alongs, its got the song-a-longs, its got the attitude, and its 100% got the pogo the fuck out of the dance floor too!

Head on over to their WEBSITE and you be spirited all over their electronic world.