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The Copyrights

No Knocks - Fat Wreck Chords

It’s been three long years since The Copyrights last released any new material. It came in the form of North Sentinel Island and garnered quite a bit of positive accolades for the punchy pop-punk quartet.  After years of sporadic touring and regular day-jobs, the band are poised to take the pop-punk scene by storm again with a new album set for an August release through Red Scare Industries. In anticipation for the album, they’ve teamed up with Fat Wreck Chords for a limited edition three song seven inch featuring two songs from the album and the b-side Don’t Want In.

Kicking off with the title track, No Knocks, the 7inch instantly shows that The Copyrights have picked up directly where they left off. A crisp, punchy tune which begins with a sing along chorus of I Graduated From the School of No Knocks, the song takes a look at the hard times priviledged people sometimes fall under. From a punk’s perspective, it seems contradictory; yet the message is clear: no matter what class of life you live, there will always be moments where you feel down.

It’s poppy yet abrasive, Lookout Records meets The Fest – a pop-punk song with the possibility of becoming a pop-punk classic in only a minute and a half.

They cut down the running time with the minute long blaster No Change. Slimming off thirty seconds, the snotty anthem pummels and plows through with fierce energy detailing the struggles of paying of debts after debts. Cleaner vocals akin to Teenage Bottlerocket, The Copyrights are two songs in and already you know their upcoming album is going to leave a lasting impression.

The final of the three is the only one to not make the cut on Report and showcases another side of the band. The slowest song at a lengthy two minutes in run time, Don’t Walk In gives the band the added room needed for them to flourish their instruments and experiment.  No longer needing to jam pack everything in, they give time for an instrumental bridge and you start seeing there’s more behind The Copyrights than meets the eye.

It may only be a tease for their new album, but No Knocks is one of the best teases around.