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The Crash Years

Cope - Autumn + Colour Records

When I hear the words ‘piano driven alt-rock’ I immediately think of Ben Folds Five, and the fantastic earworm that is Brick. Sadly, nothing of that quality is being offered by Clarkesville, Georgia’s The Crash Years on their new EP Cope. Imagine the song structures of Brand New, but with less guitar, less edge, a lot more piano and you will be somewhere close to their sound.

The issue with this genre of music is that the piano acts as the great leveller, and not in a positive way. It completely overshadows the rest of the band, to the point that you stop noticing that there are any other instruments at work here at all. The piano dominates every song, making it difficult to differentiate one from another which is disappointing as the band are clearly able to create solid song structures, write interesting, emotionally charged lyrics and display a high level of musicianship.

The vocals are probably the most interesting element, earnestly delivered with a desperate honesty that do the lyrics justice and this is best illustrated on Always Wrong, the one song on this EP where the guitar work plays a slightly more prominent role, but it never quite gets to where it needs to be.

I do admit to a slight feeling of irony in highlighting the overuse of the piano when the band describe themselves as ‘A piano driven band, packed full of heart and emotion’ but if they could find a more even balance between the piano and the rest of the band, their songs would be given the platform they undoubtedly deserve.