The Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt – Devil In Berlin

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The Cutthroat Brothers

Devil In Berlin - Hound Gawd! Records

The Cutthroat Brothers are set to unleash the Devil In Berlin, their fifth album in the last four years and the fifth collaboration with producer Jack Endino, via Hound Gawd! Records on the 10th December. The Devil In Berlin follows in the wake of their 2018 self titled debut album, 2019’s Taste For Evil, 2020’s Live In Europe and The King Is Dead, their first collaboration with Mike Watt (Minutemen / Firehose / The Stooges), that was released earlier this year. Sometimes I get the feeling that people actually listen to what we post here on The Punk Site, my main criticism of The King Is Dead was that is was new versions of previously released songs. I get the feeling I laid down some kind of gauntlet as a few short months later The Devil In Berlin has landed in my in box and it addresses the sole critique of their last album. The Devil In Berlin is an all new collection of songs, it’s also the first new material to emerge since Mike Watt entered the fold.

Kicking off with the menacing Bad Candy Girl, a track that bottles the essence of The Cutthroat Brothers as it addresses love, sex and death in a shade over two and half minutes, it captures their irresistible and seditious blend of garage, punk and rock ’n roll, a perfect side one track one opener. From here we get the dark rockabilly of Been Away that is complimented by some to die for blues slide guitar courtesy of Jason Cutthroat, with Donny Paycheck (ex Zeke) keeping the beat alive. This is followed by the album’s title track that is everything you’d expect from the bloodoaked brothers, a sleazy blend of blues and blood soaked rock ’n roll that any self respecting fan of The Cramps will adore.

Love, Drugs, Etc is an unrepentant horror story that is truly brought to life by the addition of Mike Watt on bass. Cold Dead Night brings the trio’s sinister side to bear with a darker and brooding feel that complements the preceding tracks, this is something that spills over into the haunting Magic Tricks and the down and dirty Out Of Our Cage. They counterbalance this with Kiss The Moon, a track that returns to The Cutthroat Brothers signature style, before the oddly and darkly jaunty Cheery kicks in. The brothers then deliver a slice of pure 60’s garage on Like A Zombie, a track that walks the same path as the darker moments from the likes of Roky Erickson and The Fuzztones. The gunslinging Wild Western brings Devil In Velvet to a close with a heady and almost hypnotic dark riff that shows yet another side to the murderous duo, or should that be trio as Mike Watt seems to be well and truly embedded into the band.

The Devil In Berlin brings a darker tone to The Cutthroat Brothers, not that it hasn’t always been there, but this album feels more complete and considered, it’s also their longest to date. Their trademark blues slide driven garage punk and roll has always lurked on the dark side, but with their latest full length you get the feeling they have taken that deal with the devil and this album is the result. It’s unclear whether the addition of Mike Watt was part of the deal but his bass lines have added something to their engine room that compliments the rock solid beat laid down by Donny Paycheck perfectly. The Cutthroat Brothers undoubtedly have a style, if you love their previous albums then this one is going to slot right into your collection, but each album shifts in style and dare I say this is their finest to date. By the time you’ve read this they’re probably already writing their next full length, and I’m already looking forward for it’s arrival, and I probably won’t have long to wait.

Devil In Berlin will be released on the 10th December and can be pre-ordered via Hound Gawd! Records