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The Dead Beats

Monsters Prefer Blondes - Self Released

The Dead Beats are back, alive and kicking even after their trip to the bowls of darkness back in 2021 with ‘Die Screaming, Marianne!’ That was a fest of Punk Rock n Roll that left you breathless, so can they take up from where they left off.  Absolutely they can, and some more.

Monsters Prefer Blondes celebrates a style of music that although dark in nature and unforgiving in its horror, has always been full of melody, energy, and dare I say it, a little tongue in cheek (or at least I’d like to hope so).  This EP has been put together with a core line up of Rev Paul Confused and Johnny Skullknuckles with the addition of their collaborators in the dark arts Jamie Oliver (UK Subs, Ultrabomb) and Doc Horror (Zombina & The Skeletones). 

As you may have already figured out, the title track is a cover originally played by The Bones about 22 years ago, this version with its addition of audio samples is pretty damn close to being better, but truth is, they both have something special about them, this is The Dead Beats doing what they do best, allowing themselves to be nothing more than what they need to be, a Rock n Roll band that plays music from the crypt and beyond.

Six songs, with a sixth sense for life itself, how else could you describe something like ‘I Hate Humans’ and ‘Zombie Party’ other than how to live your life by being fully aware that everything dies, but we can all party anyway.  

This EP brings everything from previous releases and melds them all into a short yet very memorable moment, the world needs knockout blows like this, music that says things like lock up your daughters, nail down the coffin lids harder than ever and most of all watch your back like life depended on it, guitar shredding like a ‘Suburban Chainsaw’, bass that slams into you and sucks out ‘Your Last breath’ and drums that send messages of ‘Wanted Undead Or Alive’, all encompassed by a melody of that will take over every waking hour of your soul.   

If you missed the Misfits or lucked out on seeing Alice Cooper, if your not of that age, then here we have your very own legends all ready to go, and an EP that hangs its hat on being an energy packed ball of fire!  

Go pre-order your copy HERE now, before we all go to hell.

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