The Distance – The Rise, The Fall, And Everything In Between

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The Distance

The Rise, The Fall, And Everything In Between - Abacus Records

This was an interesting album to listen to. Throughout it, I simply couldn’t decide whether I found it alright or crappy. So I’ll settle inbetween both, at times I couldn’t stand it, but at others it was tolerable. What really got to me was that these guys are playing some dates with Gorilla BiscuitsGorilla Biscuits and The Distance don’t have much in common when it comes to their sound. One is an annoying, what seems to be, faux-emo band, and the other is a wicked, actual hardcore band that influenced countless other bands. Now I’m usre The Distance will influence some kind of annoying pop-punk bands in the next little while, because they sound a lot like Senses Fail or Midtown or whatever the hell teenage girls are listening to nowaday. The music is focused on vocals for the most part, and catchy choruses. So there’s no fancy guitar solo’s or breakdowns, no fatastic double-kickery, no bass lines being played faster than I thought possible. It’s just simple music to emphasize the vocals, and the cd gets annoying very fast. I wasn’t expecting much after looking at the cover though. I’m sure some people would tell me not to judge it by its cover, but when there’s some random girl who looks a little hurt and members of the band laughing behind her, with femmine colors making up the background of the color, I just didn’t have a good feeling. Then with song titles like Inspired By You(For The Broken Hearted) and Broken Promises I knew it would turn out to be shitty. I’m very tired of lyrics to these types of songs too, they write like their the only ones that have any problems, and their lives end the minute some girl walks away from them. Whatever happened to originality! This music is even forcing me to use the same old arguements, but it seems these bands still have an audience. It seems where there’s an audience, there’s a demand, and when it comes to the music industry, where there’s a demand, a thousand bands all pop up at the same time trying to cater to the same audience. But I digress, what I meant to say is that this band gets abnoxious very fast and I don’t much like it.

As you may or may not be able to tell from the other part of my review, I wouldn’t recommend buying this. It sounds just like a dozen other bands, so save your money and just buy one cd out of this genre, it won’t matter since they all have the same lyrics, sound, and haircuts. This is simply a trend, and it will die eventually, then not only will these bands fall into obscurity, but the people who followed these trends are going to feel like chumps. Save yourself some grief and don’t fall into this death-trap that many know as “emo.” Instead go out and buy a good cd, like something else off Abacus, they have a lot of good bands, like Sick Of It All or Sworn Enemy.