The Fall Of Troy – Self Titled

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The Fall Of Troy

Self Titled - Equal Vision Records

Before I even start writing this, I’d just like to say that I’m most likely going to say negative things about this band. So this is just a little warning before you even attempt to read this review: If you’ve already bought this cd, enjoyed it quite a bit and feel like being pissed off because some writer is trashing one of your favorite bands, I urge you to read on. But if you haven’t heard anything from this band, don’t bother, spend your money on something better. Unless of course you download music without consent from the artist/label, in which case, go nuts. But without further ado…

The Fall of Troy sounds downright strange. The first song gave me that whole “Wow, look how artsy of a band we are, I’ll bet you can’t guess what we’ll do next!” feeling. For vocals there’s the whole lame singing and screamer thing, which I’m very very tired of. It seems that every band trying to make money nowadays is doing that, and the children eat it up. I’d like to say,”At least they aren’t listening to rap,” but I’d rather hear Snoop Dogg(is that what the damned kids are listening to?) as opposed to Coheed and Cambria. It’s high time that I move onto what The Fall of Troy sounds like. For vocals, although their screamer attains about the same vocal level as Zao, in which I mean he begins to sound like Daniel Weyandt(as in his vocals on The Funeral of God), the singer completely shames them by sounding like every other male singer in this travesty of a music scene. Unless of course the singer and the screamer are the same person, in which case the singing still shames the screaming, it really doesn’t matter who’s doing what, I’m not going to look into it, I don’t care. I’ll just move onto the guitar, which at first I thought was interesting. They play some really random notes and I can only imagine that they can most likely play them again in the same order being that they have to reproduce these songs for an audience. But said random notes eventually get annoying, I’d say after about the second song. The novelty of the guitarists really wears off quickly and the random notes begin to take on the feeling that you get when mosquito’s are buzzing around your ears in the dark. I’m sure if you live in a part of the world that experiences summer, any sort of humidity, and nightfall, you’ll know what I mean. The mosquito’s just hover around waiting to feed, and the high pitched buzzing from the wings can drive you crazy. The bass player has the same deal as the guitarists, except instead of playing six strings of various notes and chords, he only has four strings, or perhaps five, to screw around with. I’m not really sure what the drums sound like because I changed the song/cd, but they couldn’t have been that important since they’re usually the first thing I pick out. I’m not going to bother going into the lyrics, they’re fairly incoherent in the songs, so no matter how deep or meaningful they may be, they do a shitty job of getting them across. A job shitty enough to warrant my neglect.

I can think of hundreds of cd’s I’d prefer over The Fall of Troy and I’ll most likely end up giving this away to whomever claims it first. But who knows, perhaps you’d be into The Fall of Troy if you gave them a chance. I doubt I’ll give them much more of a chance though, since this music really doesn’t appeal to me. At the moment if a band doesn’t start with the letter “m” and end in “inor threat” I don’t want to be listening to them. So I suppose I’ve got a bit of a bias going at the moment.